Zoos and Pumpkin Patch!

This last week’s senior outings with Urban Excursions has us all celebrating the wonderful fall weather we have had allowing us to spend a few more days outside! We want to thank the Oregon Zoo for being so accommodating and providing our guests with mobility issues the “Zoomer” (golf cart transportation to exhibits, the best!)

Zoo-Viewing! Zoo-Freddie and Bobbye take in the sites! Zoo-Feddie and Bobbye! Zoo-Andy Poses with the Lions! Zoo-Bobbye and Sheareen! Zoo-Rose and the lions!

And a very Happy Birthday to Jack and Ann this month we celebrated at the Bella Organic Pumpkin Patch on Sauvie Island this last Saturday with pumpkins, cakes and music! Special thanks to Jack’s wife Kim who made a cake and joined our outing to celebrate!!

Pumpkin Patch-Bobbye and Grace! Pumpkin Patch-Jack and Kim celebrate! Pumpkin Patch-Jack's Birthday! Pumpkin Patch-Bobbye feeling feisty!