We are so Cool. . even when we are melting!

As things have finally, kind of, sort of started to cool down, we are happy to report that Urban Excursions managed to be some pretty cool customers on this weeks senior outing to the Lake Oswego Arts Festival as seen here with our lovely Excursionites!

LO Arts-Rose! LO Arts-Ladies who lunch! LO Arts-Ann and Rose! LO Arts-Andy! LO Arts-Jean, Bobbye and Grace-Color Burst!!

We made some adjustments to our senior activities in order to accommodate our guests during this sweltering heat so we could cool down a bit. Here we are enjoying watching the ice skaters at Lloyd Center while keeping cool with our Frozen Yogurt!

Lloyd Center-Armyn and Megan! Lloyd Center-Jeannette and Megan! Lloyd Center-Jerry and Carol and Frozen Yogurt, YUM! Lloyd Center-Lois D. and Rachell!