Timberline Lodge-Extended Day!

Urban Excursions had a GLORIOUS day at Mt. Hood last week with friends! First stop was the iconic Timberline Lodge where we enjoyed a delicious lunch at the Ram’s Head Restaurant located on the second floor. After lunch and taking in the beautiful views, we meandered down the mountain to Government Camp  and stopped for a visit at the Mt. Hood Cultural Center and Museum. . so quaint and full of Ski Patrol Memorabilia. (Okay, there was some ice cream involved too!) What a fabulous day, celebrating the end of summer with friends!

timberline-adam-and-bea-found-adams-twin-brother timberline-adam-and-cherril-at-rams-head timberline-adam-and-claudia-selfie-with-flower-basket timberline-ann-sayre-enjoying-the-moment-outside-mt-hood-museum timberline-claudia-is-picturesque-amonst-the-flowers-in-front-of-the-lodge timberline-david-duncan-the-lodge-and-flags-copy timberline-david-duncan-is-all-smiles-on-way-into-the-lodge timberline-diana-jim-oliver-bea-michael-joyce-ann-sayre-claudia-dessery-and-cherril-breathing-in-the-fresh-air