This one’s for Gordon! Clackamas Fish Hatchery and Multnomah Art Center!

Many times our guests request specific outings and we try our best to accommodate. Yesterday’s outing was brought to us by guest Gordon! It turns out it was a real “crowd pleaser” too, as we had a full crew! Our senior outing  took us into Clackamas County where the leaves are starting to change providing our group with beautiful vistas from the Clackamas Fish Hatchery! Here are some shots of Gordon, our guests and some of our staff! Also, a special welcome to our new guest “Freddie”!

Clack Fish Hatchery-Andy, Freddie and Bobbye feedin' the fishes! Clack Fish Hatch-Gordon! Clack. Fish Hatchery-Chillin on the wall! Clack. Fish Hatchery-Freddie, Sheareen and Jack! Clacka. Fish Hatcher-Hi John! Clackamas Fish Hatch-Bobbye, Freddie and Ann! Clackamas Fish Hatchery-Jack going in for the shot! Clackamas Fish Hatchery-John, Ann and Anne!


Clack Hatch-Gordon Feeds the fish!

Gordon Feeds the Fish!!!

We also spent some time at the Multnomah Arts Center to enjoy some beautiful local art and spend some time with friends. They were absolutely wonderful with our guests. .thanks you MAC!

MAC-Leonor! MAC-Leonor and Lupe Nena-Mi hija.! MAC-Armyn and Bobbie! MAC-Jerry, Adam, Harmon and Don! MAC Center-Sylvia and Leonor! MAC-Emerson Guests strikes a pose! MAC-Emerson Guests poses! MAC-Gettting a close up! MAC-Viewing art gallery