Joy Ramsby

Hilde has always been a social, fun loving person who lead an active lifestyle. After her diagnosis (Alzheimer’s dementia) and loss of her driver’s license, her family and friends noticed a sadness in her and a reluctance to engage in social opportunities. She became more dependent on us.

With Urban Excursions, she began to participate in outings that mentally engage her and gave her a social outlet independent of her family and friends. She can tell us stories about her adventures and tells me that she misses her friends at Urban Excursions if she misses a week with them. This group has brought back a sense of independence in her life while providing a safe and supportive environment. It has made Hilde a happier person.

As her power of attorney and friend, I cannot say enough good things about Urban Excursions. It has had a positive impact on Hilde’s life and assisted my efforts to keep her in her home, living as independently as possible.