I can’t tell you how thankful I am for Urban Excursions! I love that my mom is able to get out regularly and see new places and mingle with other seniors. I think it’s so important for her to have this activity. She doesn’t get out much besides going to church once or twice a week, so Urban Excursions has really been an amazing God send. I try to see her and take her out as often as I can, but of course life is always busy. I feel so relieved and less stressed knowing that she has an opportunity to get out each week, and that she has something to look forward to.

- Carolyn!

Urban Excursions was the absolute highlight of my Mom’s week. She so looked forward to her outings and all of the staff were outstanding! Polly was wonderful to work with and even introduced me to a home health worker who also turned out to be a key player in my mom’s ability to stay active and independent in Portland! My mom was able to make those important connections with the community with Urban Excursions by making friends and engaging in meaningful and fun activities with a very caring and compassionate staff. I would recommend it very much . . .I decided to give it a try with a free outing for my mom and it’s one of the best decisions I made. Thanks to Polly and her staff for many, many happy outings!

- Heidi

My mom Loves her Urban Excursions! She has been going on excursions for a long time now and the kind and caring staff are starting to feel like our extended family. They are so patient and friendly with my mom as well as to all the other clients.
My husband and I do many things for my elderly mom including dining with her 3-4 times per week. It’s so fun for her to tell us about her excursions over our family dinners instead of just me and my husband talking about our work days. She has adventures of her own to bring to the table.

Because I am responsible for overseeing my moms well being and the daily life things, it’s hard for me to fit in fun things with her around my work schedule. I can count on UE to bring her to lots of fun things and I know she is having a great time in a safe environment.
UE makes us all happy!


- Alice Sayre

Hilde has always been a social, fun loving person who lead an active lifestyle. After her diagnosis (Alzheimer’s dementia) and loss of her driver’s license, her family and friends noticed a sadness in her and a reluctance to engage in social opportunities. She became more dependent on us.

With Urban Excursions, she began to participate in outings that mentally engage her and gave her a social outlet independent of her family and friends. She can tell us stories about her adventures and tells me that she misses her friends at Urban Excursions if she misses a week with them. This group has brought back a sense of independence in her life while providing a safe and supportive environment. It has made Hilde a happier person.

As her power of attorney and friend, I cannot say enough good things about Urban Excursions. It has had a positive impact on Hilde’s life and assisted my efforts to keep her in her home, living as independently as possible.

- Joy Ramsby

Urban Excursion is FANASTIC!!

My Mom was diagnosis with dementia in early 2014 and I moved her into my home. My Mother had no interest in sitting around a Senior Center doing arts & crafts, she’s not one to sit around, and she likes to be out and about. I saw a T.V. advertisement for Urban Excursion and it sounded ideal for my mother. I called and spoke with Polly, who scheduled an appointment to come to my home and meet me & my mom I thought that was great! Once there she explain how & why she created Urban Excursion, and how the outing work, and that it was totally up to my mom on how often she wanted to attend the outing. And the fact that they came to the house to get her and would bring her home was a bonus too! Mom was excited and eager to attend. I mention my concern to Polly about my mom forgetting to lock my front door and she assured me that the staff would come to the door to pick her up and ensure that my door was locked and would walk her to the door on the return trip and make sure she was safely in the home. I was sold and I signed her up right on the spot! It has been an amazing experience for my mom, she absolutely loves the outing, and she goes twice a week.

Polly & Her staff are FANASTIC! Very caring & considerate of my mom & her needs, very kind and fun people my mom loves them! I also love the fact that they provide little snacks on their outing along with chairs & umbrellas, water, blankets all to ensure that the senior are comfortable on their outing regardless of the location or weather! And god bless Adam Hunter, my mother makes at least 15 calls call to him on a daily basis, and never once has he been anything other than kind & professional. Adam & Polly have assured me that they are used to this type of behavior and have come up with suggestion on how to cope & calm my mom anxiety.

I referred a co-worker whose father has similar issues as my mom and he now attends some of the outing with Urban Excursion and he loves it! In simple terms Urban Excursion has been a life saver for me! I highly recommend it to anyone who has a love one that doesn’t want to sit around, but wants to get out and still enjoy life…Urban Excursion does provide that Service!


- Charli Brown – Daughter of an attendee

Thanks so much!  You guys are doing a fantastic job with her.  I really appreciate your concern and that you have this service available, it makes her life so much better, and ours too!  I also know I can trust that she is in good hands when something serious does happen, such as the actual choking incident that led her to need emergency help.

- Erin (Daughter of Teri)