Frequently Asked Questions

I’m worried that this might be too much for my loved one to handle, I’m nervous about it being a good fit. . .

We completely understand your concerns, and you are not alone with these thoughts. Trying new things can be difficult and scary. We offer different packages for different people. We also make sure that we learn as much about your loved one as possible to insure that they’re experience is safe and fun! Please call your Adventure Specialist to discuss concerns and find the best package for you!

Can I come along?

Yes! we offer a free outing for caregivers on loved ones Maiden Voyage to make sure that the transition goes well.

Where does my loved one get picked up?

Urban Excursions provides door-to-door pick-up and drop-off.

What if my loved one needs to go to the bathroom on one of the trips? Will your staff help?

We provide bathroom breaks to and from events. But we do not provide direct toileting assistance, but will walk guest to the door and wait

What type of certification do your drivers have?

All drivers have approved driving permits from the City of Portland, including DMV and Criminal Background checks.

What if my loved one is in a wheelchair or has limited mobility?

All outings are wheelchair, cane and walker accessible and do not require excessive exertion. Each van can take up to two wheelchairs. When registering for events, make sure to select one of the two wheelchair accessible tickets.

How many outings do you offer each week?

Most weeks have between four to five different outings each week.

How many people are on each outing?

Five to ten people attend each outing.

What type of insurance coverage do you have?

Urban Excursions has full auto and general liability insurance.