OMSI and Pumpkins-Together at Last!

Thank you OMSI for making our Urban Excursions, senior outings, possible! Our Scenic Senior Activity was able to relax and enjoy our sack lunch, take in a small part of the Everyday Encounters of Music exhibit, and feel the fresh air on our face as we took in the views overlooking the Willamette River! Our guests had a wonderful time!

OMSI-Louise! Omsi-Our Group! OMSI-Braley and Brian!

It might be a little early, but Urban Excursions, senior activities, is celebrating fall already. We are ready to get out our pumpkins and let the change of seasons begin! We enjoyed a sunny autumn day at Dennis 7 Dees Nursery. The staff was so nice to our guests and set up a wonderful lunch spot where we enjoyed a great outing with with friends!

Pumpkins-Polly and Dorthy look at the foliage! Pumpkins-Jeanette and Adam! Norma and Adam-Pumpkins! Pumpkins-Lois! Pumpkins-Carol and Jerry! Pumpkins-Adam and Harmon! Pumpkins! Adam and Dorothy! Norma with Flowers!