Mother’s and Daughter’s and Farmer’s Markets!

Urban Excursions always welcomes any family members to join our senior outings with their parent! It’s a nice way for them to spend time together as parent and child and let us do all the planning and driving for them. It seems all that stuff can get in the way sometimes of just quality time with loved ones. We had a wonderful time with our mother-daughter pair Ann and Lois seen here at the Hollywood Farmer’s Market last Saturday! Our group enjoyed seasonal bounty, good food and good music!

Hollywood Farmer's Market-Ladies shopping! Hollywood Farmer's market-Ladies listening to the band Hollywood Farmer's market-Carol gets a dawg!

We also made our way out to the Western Antique Aeroplane and Automobile Museum in Hood River. If you have not visited that place, it’s a must see! The host was amazing and really went out of the way to interact with our group and show them a good time! And speaking of great hospitality and good hosts. . .you gotta make your way down to the Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum, Last week we went to the Space side and had a great time with our host there. .Check it out! Fun week with Urban Excursions and new friends!

Antique Auto and Plane Museum-Our Group! Antique Auto and Plane-Group with our Guide! Evergreen Space-Group with Volunteer