Mini Horses-BIG Smiles!

Our Urban Excursions, senior group outing, could barely handle the cuteness on our visit to the VFM Miniature Horse Farm located in Hillsboro! A special thanks goes out to owners, Linda and Gerald who went above and beyond hosting today’s senior activity. These little ponies made our day all that more fun while out and about with friends!

vfm-adam-and-diana-selfie-with-jerry-the-minihorse vfm-bobbye-feeding-her-new-friend vfm-dessery-and-bobbye vfm-diana-and-3-month-old-minihorse-jerry vfm-michael-bobbye-ann-sayre-and-the-minihorses vfm-michael-showers-minihorse-jerry-with-kisses vfm-mini-horse-farm-bobbye-making-a-friend