Meet Richard! Change is Good and Free!

Introducing Richard, a former Chemical Engineer from New York! Sometimes our guests are understandably a little nervous about trying Urban Excursions, worried they may not fit in, that it might be too much or overwhelming, or that we might just be a bunch of weirdos (weeeelll, it’s all relative:) That’s why we offer our first senior activity for free so that you or your loved one can try out Urban Excursions and make sure it’s a good fit. Today, I got the opportunity to hang out with our newest guest, Richard! Richard is an antique hound so we had a wonderful time poking around Stars antique mall in Sellwood and grabbing a cup of coffee afterward for some good ol’ fashioned people watching! Richard and I had such a good time and got to know each other a little bit and chat about future outings and just life in general. He is excited to sign up for our Sunday Scenic Drives, which are senior outings that cater to folks who may be a little further along with dementia or Alzheimer’s. We are so excited to see Richard again, get out and about and enjoy the summer together!

Richard and Polly! Richard at Stars Antiques! Richard on the hunt for treasure! Richard picks up a lady!