We Love Goats! (. . .and want them for our very own!)

Everybody fell in love on this Sunday’s senior outing to the Quail Run Creamery. . fell in love with goats that is! We were lucky enough to be spared the predicted Oregon rain and take in the breathtaking views of the rolling farms and vineyards as we meandered into the small hamlet of Gaston, Oregon. We were graciously met by the owners, Scott and Summer who were kind enough to host our Urban Excursions group and let us pet the 7-week old Nigerian Dwarf Goats.

WP_20140112_043 WP_20140112_005

Although very difficult to pull ourselves away, we carried on with our tour and tasting. We headed inside to sample the freshly made Chevre and Feta as well as hand-pulled Mozzarella that Scott had made that very morning. Such a special treat and delicious! Our guests purchased 8 packages of freshly made cheese to take home to their loved ones.

WP_20140112_016 WP_20140112_037

We also welcomed two new adventurers to our tour today, Sue and Ann.  .wonderful additions, can’t wait to explore with them again soon! Our latest package, the “Sunday Drives” outings have been a great and fun success!!