We Love Our Cruise Directors!

We love our Cruise Director Angie! Today we went to visit the Cascade Alpaca Farm outside of Hood River. As we cruised through the beautiful Columbia River Gorge we took in all of the beautiful vistas and got to see the frozen waterfalls all along the gorge. .what a treat!

Frozen Falls Larry viewingAngie!

The weather ended up being a little colder than expected so we were decided that we would play it safe and not venture into the foothills of Mt. Hood and instead sought respite at the cutest coffee shop in Hood River. Our Cruise Director Angie made the most of our senior outings and instead gathered information about Alpaca and played a true or false game regarding everything Alpaca. (True or False? Alpaca hair is flame retardant?) She brought along pictures of the different Alpaca’s and despite not being able to get to the farm itself, we had the best time filled with laughter and fun facts!

Angie is a wonderful Cruise Director who wants to spend time with our guests! She connects with each individual and had everyone chuckling! What a great way to spend the day, out and about instead of inside all day. A great alternative to day activities for seniors!