Ladies Who “Sack” Lunch! Socializing, Key to Memory!

These aren’t just ladies that lunch, these are ladies that “Sack Lunch”! Yesterday’s Senior Day Activity with Urban Excursions was a trip to the Sack Lunch Concert Series at the Old Church in downtown Portland near PSU. What was really special about today was recognizing that friendships are being made amongst the Excursionites in our group, which is so incredibly important! These social activities for seniors creates opportunities for people to connect while engaging in fun activities and senior outings. According to the AARP article, Socializing Key to Memory, Fighting Alzheimer’s,   “In a study of 2,249 California women published in the July American Journal of Public Health, researchers reported that older women who maintained large social networks reduced their risk of dementia and delayed or prevented cognitive impairment.” All those benefits and fun too! Oh, and welcome our latest member, Margaret. . .what fun to have her along!

Cameron and Shirley PIanist Shirley and Margaret Ladies who lunch.