Kim and Jack. . .

Urban Excursions received one of the most inspiring notes today from our guest Kim who is married to Urban Excursionite, Jack! Jack has been going on our senior outings for a few months now. He started with one every other week or so and now participates in all of our Exploratory Adventures. Last week Kim wrote to me:

“With these excursions, staff connections, docent information on destinations and fellow travelers Jack has lots to say and share. It has made both of our lives more fulfilling and fun. It has been hard to carry and create all conversations and now with Urban Excursions he can start and hold his own with me, family and friends. I see him becoming much more engaged and engaging. That is huge. Thanks. Kim”

That makes this all worthwhile. . .thank you Kim and Jack and Jack, see ya on Thursday for lunch at the Oregon Culinary Institute!

Pumpkin Patch-Jack and Kim celebrate! Onion Festival-Jack and the snake! Clack. Fish Hatchery-Freddie, Sheareen and Jack! Car Classic-Jack, Adam, Ann, Grace, Bobbye and Delores! Train Ride-Andy and Jack! Oregon Garden-Kim and Jack!