Farms, Farmstands and Farmer’s Markets-FUN!!

What a great couple of weeks we have had on our social outings for seniors with Urban Excursions! We are really celebrating the change of season and warm lingering days of summer with trips to some of our favorite markets and farms. We enjoyed the Hood River Lavender Farm with some lovely ladies-Anne, Sarah and Heidi. . .

Lavender Farm-Visiting with our host-Beautiful setting! Lavender Farm-Sarah checks out jam! Lavender Farm-Heidi meets the dog

Annnnnnddd a fabulous drive out towards the coast and a visit to Duyck’s Peachy Pig Farm.  .

Duycky's-Brian and Lynn! Duycky's Peachy Pig Farm-Richard and Lynn hangout! Duycks Peachy Pig Farm-Janice and Margaret

We had a fabulous time on our Hood River Excursion to The Cascade Hills Alpaca Farm and Packer’s Orchard We even got to feed the Alpaca’s and visit the new babies. . .almost as cute if not cuter then goats!

Harvest Home-Packer's Orchard-Lunch Harvest Home-shopping! Harvest Home-With Alpacas Harvest-Alpaca's Harvest-Feeding the Alpaca's

And finally to the Lent’s International Farmer’s Market for some fun with friends!

Duyck's-Fun on the bus   International FM-Margaret is surprised!