Every Urban “Excursionite” is Irish on St. Paddy’s!

Irish smiles were had by everybody on this past week’s Urban Excursions! Our senior outing celebrated St. Patrick’s Day at two local favorites who went over the top to accommodate our fabulous group! First of all, a special thanks to Kara at the County Cork Public House for saving us a special spot where local artist Mike Danner played and sang a charming rendition of “Danny Boy” on his accordion just for us!

County Cork - Adam with Claudia's friend Barbara County Cork - Michael Marcus with Polly and Grace County Cork - The group eating and enjoying Mike Danner music - Bobbye Grace and Michael Marcus County Cork - Betty Brua and Darlene County Cork - Claudia and her friend Barbara! County Cork - Eating lunch with Bobbye Heidi and Ann Fishburn County Cork - Grace with shamrock glasses - Betty Brua - Darlene


And what Portland Irish celebration is complete without a visit to Kell’s Irish Pub?? Urban Excursions wasn’t about to miss this Irish opportunity for a senior day activity! We enjoyed bagpipes, dancing and great food. . .oh and some of our crew even had a little Guiness! Everybody’s Irish on St. Patrick’s Day and that includes Urban Excursions!

Kells - Bobbye and Andy with a guiness Kells - the bagpipers! Kells - Bagpiper with Bill Schneider Jack Vidosh and his daughter and wife Kells - Bobbye and Heidi and bagpiper Kells - Ann Sayre with dog