Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum with Tour Guide, Bob!

I have to say thank you so much to the Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum for welcoming our Urban Excursions senior activities group on our weekly Scenic Sunday Outing! Our older adults really felt welcomed and like they got a special treatment. We also got to view the Spruce Goose, Howard Hugh’s giant wooden creation!   Larry, our ex-marine, declared it was his “favorite outing so far” and called both his wife and daughter on the bus ride home to tell them all about it! While it may have been difficult for our guests to tour the whole museum, the Evergreen volunteer staff made sure that we got some great information while we enjoyed a nice cup of coffee and snack from the cafe. And welcome to Hanilore, our newest Urban Excursions guest. . she had a wonderful time and can’t wait for next week! We had a blast!

Spruce Goose and guests! Evergreen! Hanilore and Bob! Evergreen Aviation Museum!