Evening of Jazz at Salty’s-Mel Brown!

Urban Excursions enjoyed a night on the town Friday night at Salty’s on the Columbia River! Our lucky guest Dee got to meet Portland’s finest jazz drummer, Mel Brown who visited out table during his set break! We have to admit, we were all pretty starstruck, such a special Urban Excursion treat! Our senior activities just keep getting better and better!

Salty's View from Salty's Jazz and Mel Brown

We also welcomed Michel and her dad Mike to their first Urban Excursions outing! We always welcome caregivers or friends to join an outing as we know sometimes taking that first leap into something new can be a little scary. What if it’s too much for my loved one? What if they don’t like it? We want everyone to enjoy themselves, seeing new things and connecting with people is what makes our activities for seniors memorable, enjoyable and most important, fun!