Chinese Gardens and Portland Mercado-Soooo Portland!

Urban Excursions is taking advantage of some Portland establishments, new and old! If you haven’t visited the Portland Mercado yet, you have to check it out. Our senior group outing  had the opportunity to visit there over the weekend and it is truly a unique spot with amazing food carts to choose from and the indoor market is fabulous!

Portland Mercado-Andy! Portland Mercado-Sylvia!

Our Urban Excursions group also had the chance to visit the Lan Su Chinese Garden on today’s senior outing. One of our guests, Andy, used to be on the board and many at the Garden recognized him and went out of their way to come over and visit! The staff was incredibly helpful and we enjoyed some Dim Sum and a Tea Ceremony. If you haven’t had the chance to visit the gardens, it’s definitely a must-see! We continue to have a wonderful time with new friends. . .it’s a great day for a new adventure!

Chinese Garden - Ann Fishburn with Andy and Darlene Chinese Garden - the group! Grace Andy Dan Darlene Michael Ann Sayre Chinese Garden - Michael Chinese Garden - Andy and Darlene