Blanca Volunteers!

We had a very special guest on Sunday’s Scenic Drive for seniors through the country and onto the Canby Ferry, Blanca! We got the pleasure to connect with Blanca through Impact NW’s Urban Opportunities program which is a job-readiness class taught at local under-supported high schools. Blanca is volunteering this month as part of her Service Learning project from Centennial High School. Here is Blanca helping Larry out of our Adventuremobile and into his Adult Foster Care home. Larry has been with Urban Excursions, participating in these activities for seniors for three months now. He claims he could go on every single senior outing because he loves to get out and about so much! We have really enjoyed getting to know Larry and Blanca! We love the inter-generational connection this partnership with Impact NW provides!

Blanca and Larry I     Larry and Blanca III   Larry and Blanca II