Alpacas-Our Favorite!

Urban Excursions was blessed with the perfect summer day and slight breeze as we meandered through the Columbia River Gorge on one of our favorite senior outings to Hood River! On this Extended Day outing, our first stop was for a delicious lunch at the Full Sail Brewery which provides beautiful views of the Columbia River with their craft brews. After lunch we meandered up through White Salmon to the Foothills Yarn and Fiber Alpaca Farm! An Urban Excursions favorite, we always love to visit the friendly Alpacas and Thomas at the unique gift shop. What a wonderful day with friends!

Hood River - Susan Inloes with plenty of beer - in front of mural at Full Sail BreweryHood River - Claudia Fran and Dorothy Anderson love the alpacas!Hood River - Darlene looking at the alpacas!Hood River - Fran feeding the alpacaHood River - Milli and Andy at Foothills Yarn and Fiber - NOT for social media useHood River - Dorothy Anderson and the alpacas!Hood River - Bob Grimes and Dorothy Anderson at Alpaca farm!Hood River - Fran feeding the alpaca!Hood River - An alpaca solo!