2016 Kick Off!

Wow! Urban Excursions is starting 2016 off with a bang! Our guests were ready for their senior activity today after a nice long holiday break! We visited the Belmont Fire House with a full crew and two new guests! We haven’t visited the BFH with our Exploratory group for well over a year, and many had not been there before. But holy moly! Jack and Gordon took a ride down (yes rode!) the fireman’s pole lead by Captain Ron. Heidi, Rose and Ann all enjoyed the historic photos and movie, Geri and Bobby posed as “fire-women” Mary Ann climbed up into the engine. .. the fun just went on and on. We are very thankful for our friend and are so excited to take more adventure in 2016!

Belmont FH-Heidi and Geri listening to Adam! Belmont FH-MaryAnn-Captain! Belmont FH-Gordon and Mary Chat next to fire truck! Belmont FH-Gordon and Mary!  Belmont FH-Bobbye and Geri-Fire-women! Belmont FH-Heidi investigates! Belmont FH-Bobbye and Geri strike a pose! Belmont FH-Jack on the fire pole, what a pro! Belmont FH-Our Exploratory Group!