Welcome to Urban Excursions!

We offer door-to-door social outings for seniors, accommodating varying levels of age-related mobility and cognition. These senior activities help you or your loved one get out of the house and into the world! By providing group activities for seniors or one-on-one companionship services for seniors, Urban Excursions has created a partnership between our caring staff, your loved one and you.

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Urban Excursions welcome’s Ted! He enjoys being able to get out and about and for his regular Sunday Scenic Drive! Here he is with our fabulous Cruise Directors, Angie, Tia...

“The Art Museum tour today was so enjoyable. The collection of Impressionist paintings was stunning. (Not to mention the purse collection in the Gift Shop.) Thank you for an unforgettable...

“We were nervous about going at first and then ended up having such a great time! Now I look forward to each outing and seeing people I know!”

Meet Angie, one of our friendly, caring, and knowledgeable Cruise Directors! She loves her job and our guests!

Thanks Polly, Margaret had a great time & is excited to go again. You are an angel! What a wonderful program & service you are providing! I totally admire your...

Our spotless, 10 passenger shuttle bus holds up to 2 wheelchairs at a time. All drivers pass DMV and Criminal Background checks. Shuttle bus has full general liability and auto...

Customized Packages to Fit Varying Levels of Cognition and Mobility

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Scenic Drive

This package ideal for older adults who may have increased cognitive issues and require one-on-one attentiveness. Cane, walker and wheelchair accessible as well as personalized attention!

Just Lunch!

Ideal package for the culinary curious or someone who is not interested in much physical activity but still enjoys getting out of the house, meeting new people and exploring the town and surrounding areas! Wheelchairs, walkers and cane accessible!

Let's Explore!

These exploratory packages accommodate canes, walkers and wheelchairs and are perfect for someone with some limited mobility, but also include more interactive activities and socializing!

Taking That First Step

We understand that trying something new can make someone a little nervous? Will this be too much to handle? Will I like it? We are just a phone call away to discuss concerns and find the right outings for you or your loved ones.

We usually find that our guests have these initial fears and then become more comfortable and happy with the outings!

We Want to Accommodate Your Level of Comfort
Contact your Adventure Specialist to discuss concerns (503) 860-1655
Caregivers Welcome to Join an Outing
We understand that trying something new can be unsettling, so bring a trusted loved one on your first adventure!
Your Loved Ones Safety and Comfort is our Number One Concern
We will take the time to get to know you and your loved one. Our gentle, kind and considerate staff is here to help!
Celebrate Quality of Life and Vitality!
We provide a new way to engage!

Upcoming Outings

  1. NW Children’s Theater-”Little Red Riding Hood”

    April 26 @ 2:00 pm - 6:30 pm
    Organizer: Urban Excursions
  2. Sunday Drive-Scenic Outing

    April 27 @ 12:30 pm - 5:30 pm
    Organizer: Urban Excursions
  3. Culinary Adventure!-Lunch Tour

    April 29 @ 10:30 am - 3:30 pm
    Organizer: Urban Excursions
  4. Culinary Adventure!-Lunch Tour

    April 29 @ 10:30 am - 3:30 pm
    Organizer: Urban Excursions